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Evolution™ ES & WR

Engineered by the renowned tension-tent experts at Intentional and further perfected by feedback from recognized leaders in the tent and event-rental industry — the Evolution WR and ES delivers impeccable style, on-the-job performance and value for your customers… and for you! A dramatic new shape featuring higher peaks and flowing curves disguise the amazing level of engineering and detail featured in the Evolution WR and ES. Certified wind rating up to 76 mph, thanks to our engineered design, cast aluminum side and center pole fittings and web-belt reinforcements in major stress areas, this tent is positively rugged. And don’t forget it’s impeccable styling courtesy of an extra-clean design at the eaves, and classic tension tent peaks and valleys. (We’ve even designed an extra-deep arc into the spanner section, adding extra eye-popping appeal even as it speeds up water shedding)!