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The E!Span was engineered with the renter in mind, incorporating many of the special features requested by dealers across the nation . . . all for a price you just can’t beat! Until now, clearspan choices were limited and the expense to order, inventory and install the structure left many rental companies out of the fold. Eureka!’s new E!Span helps simplify the process, from beginning to end. There are fewer components to order and inventory — and the pieces are interchangeable between the sizes.

But don’t let the traditional ‘clearspan’ appearance fool you….this is one tough tent system. We put together a world class design team to make sure the E!Span is one of the strongest tents on the market. It was developed to meet the latest 90 mph code. What does this mean for you? It means that the E!Span can be set up virtually anywhere — even in the strictest areas of the country.

You’ve heard us say it many times, “When it needs to be special, it needs to be Eureka!” and we’re proving it to you once again. Your customers will notice the difference and they’ll keep coming back for more . . . more E!Span, only from Intentional Systems.