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E!Span™ X4

NEW!!! Following on the heels of a successful launch of E!Span, Intentional Solutions wasted no time getting back to the drawing board. Based on critical feedback from rental companies nationwide, the X4 is being introduced to meet a crucial demand for product in the core sizes: 30′ and 40′. Lightweight, easy to install and better ROI than competitive products, the X4 combines the best features from our E!Span structure in a package that will “WOW” your customer and your bottom line. Engineered to 50 mph, the 30′ and 40′ structures have interchangeable parts in each 15′ bay. And, like the E!Span, your crew will love the ease of installation with fewer parts, only one pin and measured in feet and inches. The X4 is new, innovative and already a successful event structure!